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Our mission is to support and empower local gardening efforts and give the community an opportunity to grow healthy, organic food.


Your generous donation helps our nonprofit support the local community gardens and gardeners!


Whether a short-term event, project, or longer-term commitment, we welcome you to join the effort.

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Our members range from first-time gardeners to master gardeners happy to share their knowledge.

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  • How to Choose the Best LED Wall Pack Light?

    How to Choose the Best LED Wall Pack Light?

    Wall pack lights, otherwise called outer structure lights, are an extraordinary kind of light intended to be mounted beyond a business building. They are very normal and can show up in the extra storage. The wall pack is planned with a brilliant light head that is energy productive, tough and has low light contamination. A […]

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  • Save on your home lighting with these 10 tips

    Save on your home lighting with these 10 tips

    5% of the electricity consumption of US homes is directly related to lighting. Although everyone has light bulbs and lamps in their home, many are not fully aware of the expense they entail. For this reason, we are going to give you a series of tips that will reduce the electricity bill, something that benefits anyone and more at a […]

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