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Welcome to JC Lighting

JC Lighting has been in business for nearly a decade. To save money on lighting, we provide rebate incentives, and converting your facility to LED lighting will create a more pleasant working environment for all.

Our Bio

We offers over 15 years of experience. We can help you to save on your lighting cost by offering rebate incentives, also upgrading your facility to LED for better lighting will make for a better work environment for everyone.

Affordable Vendors

We have over a thousand LED lighting fixtures and electrical products provided by our Vendors below. JC Lighting offers full services installation with a 5-to-10-year warranty on all products. We also offer great rebates.

We Care

Because the type of lighting that you use is so important, we provide nothing but the best high quality fixtures and materials. Everything is tested before install to ensure that all the products used will uphold your expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will never leave you hanging in the balance! All our products are backed by a 10 to 15 year warranty. J C Lighting can repair or replace fixtures or any other products that we provide and handle any technical issues that arise doing the time of the project as well.

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