Invest in ecology and environment

There is awareness of the need to change the economic model to stop harming ecosystems and natural environments. It is not just about  taking on business structures that respect and protect nature . It is not a matter exclusively aimed at  reducing the emission of pollutants  into the atmosphere, toxic waste to the land and the sea … It is not only the obligation to carry out a  production and distribution of the manufactured products that are more respectful of the Earth , but also An economic environment must be  generated that has a direct impact on the benefit of the environment .

In this sense, it is worth asking where to invest money so that it is ecologically responsible, but also profitable. An online platform that advises where to invest so that good benefits are obtained while collaborating to improve the health of the planet. On this site, sustainable investment options are offered in environments such as recycling, wind, solar, or water energy.

An article of great interest has been published on the Financer Spain portal, an international leader in comparing financial products,  indicating how renewable investments can make your money grow and help the planet.

What are renewable investments?

Caring for the environment is the responsibility of every one of the inhabitants of this planet. Now, in addition, it is possible to contribute with very profitable economic expectations. It is about renewable investments, that is, making economic bets to reduce the use of polluting energy sources for clean and inexhaustible ones, which also offer very positive prospects in terms of return on investments.

It should not be forgotten that the activities carried out by traditional energies, such as extraction, processing, transformation, and consumption, are highly polluting. The energies produced from fossil fuels represent no less than  80% of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere on a global scale. It should be noted that the transforming sector of these products to produce electricity and refining for vehicle engines contribute 30% to the greenhouse effect, which is leading the planet to an ecological debacle.

With the investment in renewables, this enormous amount of pollutants would be significantly reduced,  obtaining much-needed social and economic benefits in these times.

Types of renewable investments

It is called renewable investments when an economic transaction is carried out in favor of some type of renewable energy. The intention is that the production carried out by this energy positively returns the investor. A reality that appears more and more interesting, after 15 years of presence in the country offering excellent results.

The possible choices are as follows, presented below.

Solar energy

The best known and most profitable of all. There are two ways of harnessing it, on the one hand, using light from the sun  (photovoltaic) and, on the other, using the sun’s heat  (thermal).

Hydraulic energy

By movements of water currents, generally rivers.

Wind power

It is produced through the wind.


When the energy comes from the burning of organic matter, such as forest residues.

Geothermal energy

It takes advantage of the heat that is contained in the interior of the Earth.

Wave and tidal energy

Obtained thanks to the movement of the sea surface, waves, and tides, respectively.

Energy from green hydrogen

It is produced through a  chemical process called electrolysis, in which electricity is used to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen present in the water.

For the automotive industry, organic fuels

Two types of fuels from plants. The bioethanol, to the fermented plant products decaying, and biodiesel, from the use of vegetable oils.

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