False myths about led bulbs

We cannot deny that LED lighting has transformed the world of lighting and revolutionized the market for its efficiency, size, strength, and power.

And it is because of this great revolution, that false myths have been created around them, due to their scarce knowledge and the abundance of information that we can find through social networks – sometimes inaccurate or false. Therefore, we are going to expose the ones that have caught our attention the most:

Led bulbs make a different and uncomfortable light

A few years ago, when the first LED bulbs began to go on sale, the light was bluish-white, which could be uncomfortable, unsightly, and less welcoming for many environments. But today there are different shades on the market, trying to imitate traditional light bulbs. In general, you can buy bulbs with three different shades; 2700K warm light, 4200K daylight, and cold light.

Thus, you do not have to worry about the hue of the led bulbs, since there is a wide range to suit all environments.

Led bulbs are expensive and inaccessible

We cannot deny that an incandescent light bulb is cheaper than an LED light bulb, but we cannot say the same about the vast majority of energy-saving light bulbs. In fact, in our online store, we have started to remove some models of bulbs that have a higher price than led bulbs with similar characteristics.

Despite this, if we compare the relationship between quality and resistance, an LED bulb is the most economical option in the medium term. Keep in mind that a led bulb lasts 20 times longer than a traditional bulb (20,000 hours approximately), so in a year you will have already amortized the extra cost of the led bulb, and you will have a few years more to forget the date of purchase of that bulb.

LEDs last forever

Well, we can say that led bulbs have a very long life, but don’t be fooled by false advertising spots. All bulbs have an expiration date, approximately between 20,000 hours, whose life will be extended or reduced depending on the use that is given to it.

The led cannot be dimmed

Led technology is digital, and therefore can be regulated. Of course, not all manufacturers choose to make dimmable led bulbs. We can already find GU10, E27 dimmable led bulbs on the market … yes, the price is still slightly higher than a common led bulb.

Led bulbs need time to warm up

LED bulbs, unlike energy-saving bulbs, do not need to be heated to illuminate better. Turn on and go. In addition, unlike the low consumption ones, you can turn it on and off without its useful life being affected.

Led bulbs do not generate heat

Compared to incandescent bulbs and energy-saving bulbs there is a big difference, but we cannot say that led bulbs do not generate heat.

LED light is harmful to health

LED bulbs do not emit any type of infrared or ultraviolet radiation, and they do not contain mercury, thus considerably reducing the risk to health.

Led bulbs make less light

From experience with our clients, we can see that the myth that led bulbs make less light is widespread. This fact is completely false. The problem generally lies in the lack of knowledge of the equivalences. Each manufacturer has a type of LED, with a specific performance, and it is in the specifications of each one where we have to look at the equivalences. Because one thing is to save on consumption, and another is to acquire a bulb that does not equal the same power as the one you intend to replace.

These are some of the false beliefs that are circulating on the net. The best advice is to take into account only reliable sources and, above all, lose your fear, for those who have not yet taken the step, to change all the lighting in your home, office, or company to LED lighting. The energy-saving, the low maintenance, the great durability, and resistance, will convince you.

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