Save on your home lighting with these 10 tips

5% of the electricity consumption of US homes is directly related to lighting. Although everyone has light bulbs and lamps in their home, many are not fully aware of the expense they entail.

For this reason, we are going to give you a series of tips that will reduce the electricity bill, something that benefits anyone and more at a time when the price of electricity is through the roof in the US.

1. Light colored walls and ceilings

Few people know that light-colored walls and ceilings are a good option to save energy in their homes. The tones similar to white manages to reflect light, which generates brighter spaces without the need for a great energy effort. So, the first step is that, to use shades close to white on ceilings and walls.

2. Install motion detectors

Another good idea is to install motion detectors in passageways, such as the entrance of the house or the hallway, and in spaces that we do not use regularly, such as garages or storage rooms.

With these devices, we can automate the turning on and off of the lights. They will only carry out their actions in the presence or absence of people, which will lead to energy savings and, best of all, without us having to be vigilant.

3. Take advantage of sunlight

The US is one of the countries in the world with more hours of solar energy and it would be a waste not to take advantage of it. As an example, you can choose to use blind motors or awnings with sun and twilight sensors.

They identify different levels of light and take advantage of the Sun’s light and heat in winter while avoiding unnecessary energy wasting during the summer months.

4. Bet on LED bulbs

The LED bulbs achieve a more efficient illumination than other bulbs and last at least 10,000 cycles on and off. While it is true that LED bulbs cost more than the rest, it is also true that the investment pays off quickly due to the savings they represent.

5. Clean the bulbs from time to time

Light bulbs become inefficient as they get dirty. Although it seems very logical, many do not do it, either due to neglect or lack of time.

We recommend that you polish them every so often using alcohol or ammonia. Of course, do not forget to turn off the bulbs before, do not use water to clean them or you can damage them.

6. Regulates the intensity of the bulbs

Remember that you can always regulate the intensity of the bulbs to consume less. The dimmers are usually placed on the lamp cable itself or a wall when it comes to remote control systems. Dimmers don’t work with all bulbs, so try to buy compatible ones.

7. Keep your fluorescent tubes

Some people replace their fluorescent tubes with other types of bulbs thinking that they consume a lot. Big mistake, since fluorescent tubes, consume very little and are perfect for saving energy. In case they stop working you should take them to a clean point for recycling.

8. Use direct lights

There are some activities, like studying or reading, for which it is not necessary to use indirect lights. In these cases, we recommend taking advantage of direct lights (such as a flexo) or taking advantage of the natural light that can enter through the windows of our home.

9. Automate with clocks or programmers

Before we have talked about motion detectors to automate lighting, however, they are not the only option. You can also use clocks and programmers to automate your bulbs. With them, you can turn off the lights at a specific time and avoid excessive consumption.

10. Don’t waste energy

This last tip is the most obvious of all. If we want to save, the logical thing is to make the most of the natural light that there is during the day and try not to let the lights turn on unnecessarily, in addition to not forgetting to turn them off when leaving a room.

All these recommendations are quite easy to comply with and will help reduce the electrical consumption in your home. The planet will thank you very much. What are you waiting for? Get to work!


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